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    Christian is passionate about literature, education, fitness, and conservation.

    For several years, Christian Tedrow has worked as an English professor at Valencia Community College. Christian is passionate about education and values teaching students how to love and connect with literature. He also encourages his students to work together on group projects; this skills is invaluable no matter what a student's future holds because they'll always have to work with other people and learn how to collaborate with others.


    Besides his passion for education, Christian Tedrow is also interested in fitness and animal conservation. He has previously worked as a personal trainer and has experience training in various disciplines, such as bodybuildings, CrossFit, and martial arts. Christian believes it's incredibly important to take care of yourself and your health is the best way to do that.


    Christian Tedrow has spent several years focused on animal conservation, particularly assisting endangered animals. Christian loves lions after seeing them in person while on his honeymoon in South Africa. His favorite organization is The African Lion and Research Trust (ALERT), which makes efforts to help out these creatures in the wild.

  • Education

    Elon University

    B.S. (2004-2008)

    University of Central Florida



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    February 26, 2018 · education,literature,reading,teaching,students
    February 25, 2018 · fitness,exercise,workout,health,healthy lifestyle
    February 20, 2018 · fitness,exercise,workout,health,healthy lifestyle
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    A former personal trainer, Christian has trained across multiple fitness disciplines such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, distance running, crossfit, and martial arts. ​

    Animal Conservation

    Christian contributes to The African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT). He is interested in preserving and protecting endangered species, especially lions.

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